Earn a bachelor's and master's degree at the same time through 瑞吉斯大学's FastForward Program. 双学位组合既节省时间又节省金钱, giving you the chance to enter the workforce with a head start over your peers.

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Save Time

Earn both a bachelor's and master's degree in just five years.

Save Money


Get to Work

Get out of the classroom and get a head start in the workforce.

How It Works

Instead of completing your undergraduate program before starting on your master's degree, our FastForward dual-degree combinations allow you to get a head start on completing a graduate program. 一旦达到初级学分(60学时或以上), you'll be eligible to enroll in master's-level courses that will also count towards your graduate degree. There's no up-front commitment when you start your bachelor's program at Regis, so you don't have to decide right away – simply talk to your academic advisor if you think a graduate degree might be in your future.

By taking up to four graduate courses during your undergraduate program, you can get an early start on the master's portion of your education and reduce the number of credits required to complete both degrees. This means you complete two degrees in less time, saving on overall tuition costs!








以下本科学位: 可与以下研究生学位相结合:
B.S. Accounting 非营利管理硕士
B.S. 会计(加速) M.S. Accounting
B.S. 工商管理 M.S. Data Science
B.S. 工商管理(速成) M.S. 资讯及网络安全
B.S. 计算机科学 M.S. 信息系统
B.S. 计算机科学(速成) M.S. 组织的领导
B.S. 计算机信息系统 M.S. 软件工程
B.S. 网络安全
B.S. 信息技术


Health Care

以下本科学历: 可与以下研究生学位相结合:
B.S. 卫生保健管理 M.S. 卫生服务管理

以下本科学历: 可与以下研究生学位相结合:
RN to B.S. in Nursing M.S. 护理学:卫生保健系统的领导能力




以下本科学位: 可与以下研究生学位相结合:
B.S. Biology M.S. 环境生物学
B.S. 环境科学




以下本科学位: 可与以下研究生学位相结合:
任何文学学士课程 美术硕士(MFA)创意写作

以下本科学位: 可与以下研究生学位相结合:
任何文科和理科课程 发展实践硕士

以下本科学位: 可与以下研究生学位相结合:
M.S. 组织的领导


B.S. Criminology M.S. Criminology
B.A. Communication 文学硕士
B.A. 通信(加速)
B.A. 应用心理学
B.A. Liberal Arts
B.A. 社会科学


Looking for more details about exactly what your FastForward program could look like? Check out these sample degree progressions for specific program combinations:

查看B的Sample Progression.S. 会计+ M.S. Accounting

查看B的Sample Progression.S. 计算机信息系统+ M.S. Data Science


Before you can combine your bachelor's degree with one of our FastForward master's programs, first you must be admitted to an undergraduate degree program. 启动应用程序, or 联系招生办公室 了解更多.

作为一名在读学生, if you're interested in pursuing a FastForward dual degree combination, 联系你的学术顾问. They'll work with you one-on-one to create a customized degree track and make sure you're taking the right classes at the right time. 而你不需要马上决定, we recommend getting in touch with your advisor at the beginning of your junior year to explore your options.

一旦达到初级学分(60学时或以上), 你将有资格参加硕士水平的课程. These classes are typically taken during your senior year and will count towards completing your undergraduate and graduate degrees, 让你在研究生课程上领先一步.

一旦你完成了本科学位, you'll move seamlessly in你们的研究生项目 with only your remaining master's requirements left to complete. 你会自动被录取的 to your master's program, and in most cases, no additional admissions materials are required.


Did You Know?
对于大多数程序来说, no additional admissions materials are required to start your master's courses - you're automatically admitted 你们的研究生项目. That means no application fees, no admissions essays and no test scores!
如果你的研究生项目需要背景调查, 可能需要一些额外的入学材料.


That's okay! The FastForward program requires no commitment or additional costs - you have until your junior year to decide whether or not you would like to continue on to complete a master's degree. There's no special application process or admissions materials.

However, if you do think a FastForward program would be right for you, we recommend talking to your academic advisor or admissions counselor as early as possible. This way we can be sure you take the right classes at the right time.

在你读本科的时候, you will be charged the per-semester undergraduate tuition rate. Graduate-level classes taken during your undergraduate degree are included in this rate.

Once you have completed your undergraduate degree and are enrolled in your graduate program, tuition will be charged based on the per-credit-hour rate associated with your specific master's program.

We typically require upper-level classes for a graduate degree to be completed at Regis. If you have any college credit that you think may apply to your undergraduate program, be sure to let your admissions counselor know during the undergraduate admissions process. Check out our AP, IB and College Credit page to see what may qualify.

Any credits taken as part of the undergraduate portion of the FastForward program will still count towards your undergraduate degree. If during this time you decide a master's degree isn't for you, you'll still graduate with a bachelor's degree without having to re-take any courses.

*Average cost savings is calculated based on the average reduction in credit hours required to complete a graduate degree multiplied by the average per-credit-hour tuition rate of qualified graduate degree programs. 实际节省的成本将根据项目选择而有所不同.
The FastForward programs allows for 9-12 credit hours to be applied to a graduate degree, 最多四道菜.
Automatic admission is granted pending satisfactory academic progress and good standing throughout your undergraduate program.